4 Best Office Chairs Under $200 – You’re Going To Love Them!

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

The price range between $100 and $200 is a quite decent amount to buy a good office chair. In this ranking we reviewed the best office chairs under $200! Only the proven chairs from the market.

Below you can find full list where you can find your best office chair under 200 USD.

Space-Saving Office Chair

Do you need a chair that won’t take up a lot of space in your office? Alera Elusion is that chair!

1. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel / Tilt Chair

Alera Elusion Series Mid-Back Swivel Tilt Chair

Alera Elusion Mid-Back chair has simple, but stylish design. Moreover, it doesn’t take up lots of room so it will fit in small workspace really well. I like its universal look and space-saving size – it makes this chair multi-functional. It can be a good secretarial chair, it will fit a large office, as well as a home office, it can also work as a desk chair for a teenager.

The seat back is rounded to provide good support for lumbar spine. Sitting on this office chair is very comfortable, even on hot summer days, thanks to breathable mesh cover on the backrest. It provides good ventilation so you don’t sweat while working or using the computer.

The cushion has cloth cover which is also more comfortable and airy than PU leather – another advantage. Moreover the seat cushion has waterfall edge. Why it is so important?

Staying in a seated position for many hours a day may cause pressure on lower legs which you can feel as pain or heaviness and tiredness in your legs. This computer chair helps in removing this pressure from legs and prevents cramps, numbness and leg pain. 

Quick Summary
If you’re wondering what is the best ergonomic office chair for small space (and doesn’t cost a fortune), this model from Alera Elusion Series may be a great choice. This is a high-quality computer for problems with blood circulation in legs.

The backrest can tilt or you can just lock it if you prefer to sit in more upright position. You can change the tilt tension which means you can choose how easily the backrest tilts back and forth.

There is also a possibility of adjusting armrests height and width. It’s a rare feature at this price point, therefore this is a big advantage of Alera Elusion chair. Keep in mind that the arms are made of polyurethane material, which is fairly soft, but there is no additional padding or cover.

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It’s important to note that Alera Elusion chair is available in multiple versions which vary in functions and of course – price. Here we are reviewing Mid-Back Swivel / Tilt Chair – the most basic and most affordable chair in Alera Elusion collection. It is a great choice for person who suffer from lower back pain. However, it doesn’t support the cervical spine.

There is also a version with longer backrest – Alera Elusion High-Back Multifunctional Chair, which supports not only the lumbar spine, but also the upper part of your back. Therefore it is a great office chair for neck and shoulder pain. You can find this version on Amazon -> check its availability and pricing.

There is also Alera Elusion Mid-Back Multifunctional which offers more adjustment (adjustable seat depth, lock for recline positions and forward tilt). High-Back version has these adjustments as well. As these two versions have more adjustments, they are usually more pricey.

Before you decide to buy this chair make sure to compare these three models of Alera Elusion and choose the one that will give you the proper support and ultimate comfort.

Oh, one more thing. The Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair comes in two colors: with black backrest or white backrest. In my opinion, the latter one gives the chair more chic appearance. The price may vary a bit – if you’d like to compare them, here is the white Alera Elusion and here is the black one.

Alera Elusion Series Chairs
Here you can see different chairs from Alera Elusion Series (from left): Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair Black, Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair White, Mid-Back Multifunctional Chair, High-Back Multifunctional Chair

What other customers think about this office chair?

This is one of the most popular ergonomic office chairs under $200 on Amazon. People say a lot of good things about it, however they also mention a few disadvantages.

According to customers the Alera Elusion chair is sturdy and solid and looks very nice.

I’ve read that people who are short (about 5 feet tall), as well as average in height (like 5’11”) have been using this office chair and it has been very comfy for them.

Keep in mind it will be less comfy for a very high person and may not accommodate a very heavy man. For such person we recommend these office chairs for heavy people.

Customers also praise the seat cushion which is thick and comfortable, even for long hours of sitting. This chair gives great lumbar support and some users even say it helped them with lower back issues.

Alera Elusion is well-made and built of high-quality materials. Many customers, who have been using it for over a year, praise its durability. The seat cushion doesn’t flatten out. However – cat owners should be careful with the cloth seat cushion cover and protect it from cat’s claws as it may get torn.

Some people complained that recline angle is difficult to adjust. Another flaw is that you cannot lock the backrest into a recline position. It has less adjustments than high-end chairs like Herman Miller or Steelcase, but it’s also so much cheaper!

Nevertheless, according to many people this Alera Elusion chair is perfect balance of comfort, support and reasonable price.

If you want to read more about this chair check my full Alera Elusion review.

  • Very comfy, especially for short and average in height people
  • Gives nice lumbar support
  • Mesh seat back provides excellent air-flow
  • Armrest are height- and width-adjustable – rare feature at this price point!
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Looks great
  • Mid-Back version doesn’t support the upper back
  • Doesn’t tilt very far
  • Adjusting the backrest is awkward and not very convenient

Best Office Chair For Posture Under $200

If you have a bad posture and often slouch when sitting, and your budget is limited to $200, SMUGDESK is a great office chair for you.

2. SMUGDESK High-Back Executive Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and 3D Armrests (1388)

SMUGDESK Office Chair with 3D arms

The backrest in this chair has actually three separate parts – each one supports different part of the spine. There is a lumbar support which works perfect for people who suffer from lower back pain. Above it there is another part of the backrest with a special shape that supports the thoracic spine. This ergonomic office chair features a headrest to support user’s neck and head as well. Moreover, the headrest is fully adjustable and moves up and down – to adjust to shorter and taller users.

The whole backrest is S-shaped and adjusts to natural curves of the spine. Such a supportive seat back makes this chair perfect for bad back and keeping good posture.

Quick Summary
This is one of the best ergonomic office chairs which helps to practice the good posture in the middle price range. It’s a great option for people who are looking for an inexpensive alternative to high-end chair. It looks very similar to Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest, but it’s over 3 times cheaper!

Moreover, it has 3D armrests which not only slide up and down to adjust to user and desk height, but they also move forward & backward and pivot inward & outward. Thanks to these armrest you will always be able to find proper and comfy position for your elbows, no matter if you’re typing, drawing, playing a game or just relaxing.

To rest in even more comfortable position, you can tilt back – thanks to reclinable backrest. You can also adjust the tilt tension and make the seat easier or harder to recline.

Thanks to the proper back support this office chair is great for long hours of working. The breathable mesh cover on the seat back keeps user back cool – which is a great feature for people with tendency to sweat. The chair doesn’t get hot even when you sit on it for several hours.

It works great as a chair for office and home, not only for working, but also for gaming sessions and daily use of computer.

SMUGDESK Office High Back Chair with Adjustable Headrest and 3D Armrests
This SMUGDESK Chair features rocking backrest, adjustable headrest and 3D arms

What other customers think about this office chair?

This chair has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon and here are the features that people like and dislike the most.

Many users praise this chair for helping them with back pain. It’s comfortable, supports the back, neck and head very well – even people with lower back issues can sit on it for long period of time. All adjustments work easily and the chair rolls quietly.

According to some people this chair can be a great affordable alternative to high-end products like: Herman Miller Aeron or Ergohuman High-Back Executive chair.

Previous buyers like this chair for being lightweight, yet sturdy and solid. The mesh cover works good for keeping your back cool and you don’t get sweaty and sticky even after prolonged sitting.

Some people needed wheels replacement and they praise the customer service for being responsive and helpful. A few customers complained that the seat is pretty shallow – more suitable for person with shorter legs. Otherwise it may not support thighs properly.

SMUGDESK Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest is not the cheapest chair out there, but its price is still pocket-friendly. According to many customers the quality and amount of back support it gives is worth the money. The ergonomic design helps to relieve the pressure off the back.

Before you buy this chair, check the dimensions of the seat and read customer reviews to make sure it fits you (CLICK). It’s best for shorter and average in height users. For taller person the seat depth and the headrest height may not be ideal.

  • Looks like a high-end chair
  • Sturdy and strong despite being lightweight
  • Mesh back allow air to circulate through
  • Many adjustments: seat height; armrest height, depth and angle; headrest height and angle
  • Great choice for people who suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain
  • Comfortable and good for posture
  • Some customers complain about the wheel casters quality
  • The seat cushion is not very deep therefore less comfy for tall users

Inexpensive Mesh Computer Chair

If you’re looking for a computer chair with mesh backrest and modern design, you should check this Hbada chair. 

3. Hbada Desk Chair with Flip-up Arms

Hbada Desk Chair

It is a mid-back chair with mesh cover on the seat and backrest which provides nice air-flow and prevents you from sweating.

The back of the seat is curved in the lower part to give you proper back support and help you sit in good position. Even people with back problems have this chair for daily usage at home. There are also flip-up armrests for added comfort. I only wish these arms were adjustable, but at this price point it is actually a minor flaw.

At least you can lift the arms up when you’re not using the chair and slide it under your desk therefore it doesn’t take up much space. It’s a good solution for small rooms.

Quick Summary
This is an ergonomic office chair with modern appearance that will look great in any office. If you’re looking for a good-quality and comfortable computer chair under $200 this one is definitely worth consideration.

Using the pneumatic lever you can lower or raise the seat to find the best height for you and the best position for your knees and feet. The backrest can tilt (up to 120 degree) or you can lock it to prevent it from rocking. There is also a tilt-tension knob which allows you to adjust how easily the backrest tilts.

Thanks to these features this budget office chair is very comfy for working and sitting at the desk for many hours. I would say it’s great for everyday use for 4-5 hours a day. Rather not for longer time, since it lacks a headrest and doesn’t prevent from neck strain.

This office chair is really well-made for such a low price. No bells and whistles, no frills, just a good comfy desk chair. It’s best for working at home, for using the computer or doing homework. If you’re looking for an affordable chair for your child, it may be good option too.

Keep in mind its capacity is 250 pounds. The chair comes in two colors: with black frame or white frame. There may be a difference in price so don’t forget to compare both versions.

Hbada Desk Chair - two colors
Hbada Desk Chair frame comes in two colors: black and white. Don’t forget to compare their prices!

What other customers think about this office chair?

This is one the best selling office chairs under $200 on Amazon, while being highly-rated by hundreds of customers.

Lots of customers praise this chair for easy assembly and clear manual.

Another advantages are: mesh backrest which combines comfort and good support. Buyers find it much better than a leather cover which often peels off.

According to people that had back problems, this chair helps to maintain better sitting posture and doesn’t cause numbness in legs.

It seems that people really like the version with white frame. Lots of people have bought this chair for their home office or use it as a desk chair while studying and using the computer.

According to some of the previous buyers this chair is not bulky and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Some users complain about the armrest not being height-adjustable. There are also some complaints about the lack of more adjustments. It’s also worth to remember this chair is designed rather for small and average people.

Anyway, this is a solid and sturdy desk chair, and it does look nice.

If you’re looking for a small office chair or computer chair and you have less than $200 you should definitely check it out.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Nice, comfy padding
  • Professional, modern look, two colors available
  • Great option for people on a small budget
  • Perfect choice for home office or student’s workspace
  • Takes up small space
  • Not many functions
  • Rather not for tall people
  • Non-adjustable armrests

Great Desk Chair Under $200 With Lumbar Support

If you have problems with lumbar pain and you need something under $200 Office Star ProGrid is for you. 

4. Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair

Office Star ProGrid High Back Chair

This High-Back chair from Office Star has long backrest and rounded built-in lumbar support which makes it perfect for people who struggle with back problems, especially with pain in lumbar spine. High back makes this chair a good choice for those who often experience shoulder and neck strain.

There is also breathable mesh cover which prevents the user from sweating.

Huge adjustability allows you to find your comfort zone and get proper lower and upper back support, whether you’re working or resting.

Quick Summary
This is a great supportive office chair for lower back pain. It has many adjustments to provide the user with maximum comfort during long hours at the desk.

You can not only lower or raise the chair, but also adjust the seat depth, backrest tilt and armrests height and width. Thanks to these adjustments you will be able to maintain the good posture and find comfy position for your back, thighs, knees, feet and elbows. Moreover, with so many function this chair is comfortable and supportive for people of different heights and sizes.

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This is an excellent ergonomic office chair for long hours. It will help you to avoid back pain and stay productive when working at the desk. The seat bottom is cushy and nice padded with soft material.

Moreover, it has stylish, modern appearance to match any workspace. This ergonomic chair is not only a great choice for an office, but it works for home use as well, especially for people who spend a lot of time at the desk on typing. It can be also a great chair for gamers who spend many hours a day in seated position while playing.

Overall, it is one of the most comfortable computer chair for 8 hours + of sitting each day and a good affordable chair for lower back pain.

What other customers think about this office chair?

Few customers mention that this chair has helped them with back problems and allows them to work for many hours without any pain. Moreover the mesh cover on the backrest prevents from overheating and sweating, while providing enough support for lower and center part of the spine.

Some people also say this chair is good alternative to more expensive models. It’s functional and multi-purpose.

As always, there are some drawbacks too. A few customers mention on Amazon that armrests are a bit wobbly and feel hard. Some buyers also complain about the assembly being complicated.

Nevertheless, customers evaluate this chair as well-price for the amount of features and adjustments.

If you need an office chair with good back support, multiple adjustments and modern look under $200 look no further! This Office Star High Back ProGrid chair will help you to maintain good posture and sit for many hours without straining your back.

  • Comfortable for long hours of sitting everyday
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Breathable seat back
  • Good choice for people with back pain (especially in lumbar spine or upper back)
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Good quality for affordable price
  • The armrest are a bit hard, there’s no cushion or padding
  • A bit difficult assembly
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