4 Awesome & Less Expensive Herman Miller Alternatives (Aeron, Embody, Sayl)

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

Herman Miller Alternatives at lower priceLong hours in front of the computer, crappy office chair, annoying back and neck pain. Sounds familiar?

You’ve Googled “Best Office Chair”, found Herman Miller and its price overwhelmed you. Here we are for the rescue! In this article you will find best Herman Miller alternatives for people who suffer neck / back pain and need something with ergonomic and stylish design.

Many people, just like you, wonder what is so special about these pricey chairs and whether there are any good Herman Miller alternatives – that would offer similar features but at much lower price.

I’ve found at least 4 ergonomic office chairs – each under $350! – that are perfect Herman Miller alternatives. These models have modern design that looks good in any workspace and thanks to multiple adjustments they support user’s body really well. Their quality is a top-notch as well. Some customers even say these chairs work better than Herman Miller chairs!

If you’re looking for the best Herman Miller alternative, you’re in a good place. Here’s my ranking that will help you to choose an affordable ergonomic office chair with quality and functions of high-end products. My list has been recently updated for 2020 and includes the best alternatives available on the market right now.

1. SPACE Seating Big and Tall AirGrid Back, Ergonomic Managers Chair (High-Quality Herman Miller Aeron Alternative)

Space Seating Office Chair is great high-quality Herman Miller Aeron alternative

According to many customers, Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is very comfortable and helps with back and hip pain. Users love the multiple adjustments (in most advanced and expensive version armrests go up and down, forward and backward and pivot left to right, lumbar support can be positioned up and down, the backrest recline and you can adjust its angle and tilt tension). Breathable fabric is perfect for summer days and users with tendency to sweat. Herman Miller Aeron has however one big disadvantage – the new model usually costs about $900-$1200, depending on the features, fabrics etc.

I decided to find an ergonomic office chair similar to Herman Miller, built with high-quality materials and price under $300. The SPACE Seating Ergonomic Managers Chair perfectly meets all these terms.

SPACE Seating vs Herman Miller Aeron

This computer chair has mesh backrest that provides good air-flow and keeps the user back dry. It is comfy and supportive at the same time. Many users love this airy back and the amount of support it gives.

There is also lumbar support that can be moved up and down, similar to Herman Miller Aeron, so it adapts to user lower back natural curve. Such an ergonomic shape is perfect for lower back pain and long hours of sitting at the desk. Many customers confirm this chair is helpful for back problems and hip pain.

The backrest reclines to many positions and you can also adjust the tilt tension.

This SPACE Seating Chair armrests go up and down. They don’t pivot like Aeron armrests, however they are width-adjustable and slide inwards and outwards.

Similarities & Differences: SPACE Seating vs Herman Miller Aeron

  • Airy back
  • Adjustable support can be moved up and down
  • Good for lower back pain
  • Quite similar design
  • SPACE Seating is about 3 times cheaper
  • Armrests in SPACE Seating don’t pivot
  • Herman Miller Aeron comes in 3 different sizes, SPACE Seating has only one size (large)

This ergonomic office chair looks great and has simple, modern design. And although it has many similar features to Aeron functions, it is about 3 times cheaper! It is awesome cheap Herman Miller alternative.

There is however one big difference between these two chairs that you need to keep in mind. Herman Miller Aeron Chair comes in 3 different sizes – A for small, B for average and C for large people. On the other hand, SPACE Seating Ergonomic Managers Chair has only one size that is most comfortable for average in height and tall people (above 5’10”). If you’re short and petite person, it won’t be the best Herman Miller alternative for you. 

However, if you were considering buying Herman Miller size C, but would prefer more affordable alternative, the large SPACE Seating chair is good option! 

2. WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair (Herman Miller Aeron Knock-Off)

WorkPro 1000 Series Series is very good Herman Miller Aeron Knockoff

This chair looks extremely similar to Herman Miller Aeron Chair and has many similar features. You won’t believe that it is also A FEW times cheaper! If you’re looking for a cheap Herman Miller knock-off you should definitely consider this chair.

The backrest is covered with mesh fabric that allows the air to circulate through – according to customers it’s firm, soft and breathable at the same time. The armrests have adjustable height and angle, just like the Aeron Chair. Moreover, there is unique gel padding on the armrests which helps to reduce shoulder strain.

WorkPro 9000 Series vs Herman Miller Aeron
WorkPro 9000 Series (on the left) vs Herman Miller Aeron (on the right)

Although the backrest is ergonomic and S-shaped, the lumbar support is not adjustable, in contrast to Aeron. However this chair has one additional feature that Herman Miller Aeron lacks. The seat cushion is depth-adjustable. It glides forward and backwards to adapt to user body type and his legs length. Thanks to this feature, this chair support user pelvis and sacral area. Moreover the seat has waterfall design to decrease pressure on thighs and help to improve the blood circulation.

If you’ve ever experienced such problems as numb legs or felt that your knees hurt after sitting for a few hours – this chair will probably help to ease your pain.

You can also adjust the tilt angle to find the best position during long hours of working at the desk.

Similarities & Differences: WorkPro 9000 Series vs Herman Miller Aeron

  • WorkPro 9000 has almost all features that Herman Miller has (excluding just one)
  • Very similar design
  • WorkPro 9000 is about 3 times cheaper than Herman Miller Aeron
  • WorkPro 9000 is available in just one size

What is most noticeable is this chair design – it looks incredibly similar to Herman Miller Aeron. Many customers have noticed this similarity and say that when you consider 3 times lower price, this chair is actually comparable to Aeron!

This Herman Miller knock-off is perfect choice for people who have a budget under $350 and want to have a chair with Aeron design and decent quality.

3. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Rollerblade Wheels (Chair Most Similar To Herman Miller Embody)

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels


Embody Chair by Herman Miller is one of the most expensive ergonomic office chairs, no wonder many people look for cheaper alternatives. People love Embody for its multiple adjustments (like the seat depth, armrests height and width, as well as the backrest shape) and high-quality breathable fabric. Many users praise this chair for helping with sore back and circulation in legs.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Rollerblade Wheels is a good example of cheap Herman Miller Embody alternative.

This inexpensive ergonomic office chair has S-shaped backrest with mesh cover that provides proper ventilation so your back doesn’t get sweaty and hot. The backrest was designed to adjust to natural curves of your spine. The lumbar support can be moved up & down, as well as forward & backward to give you more firm or gentle lower back support. You can adjust it to your preferences and it will relieve the pressure from your lumbar spine. The backrest also tilts back, giving you maximum comfort and support while you are working or relaxing. There is a tilt tension adjustment as well.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair with Rollerblade Wheels vs Herman Miller Embody


The Duramont chair features a headrest for exceptional shoulder and neck support. Moreover you can adjust the headrest position by moving it up and down, as well as rotating it, to get the ultimate support for your cervical spine. The neck is often exposed to a lot of pressure as you sit for many hours per day.

Thanks to adjustable headrest you are able to release the tension from your upper body and forget about the neck pain. Embody Chair by Herman Miller lacks this feature and many customers complain about it.

Duramont chair is a Herman Miller less expensive alternative, yet it gives you something that the original chair lacks – an additional neck support!

Just like the Herman Miller Embody, the Duramont chair has 2D armrests – you can slide them up & down, and adjust their distance from the seat. This will help to reduce the wrist fatigue. 

  • Adjustable lumbar support that user can move higher or lower, depending on their body type
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Herman Miller Embody doesn’t have a headrest and rollerblade wheels
  • Duramont Ergonomic Chair is less expensive

However Embody Chair by Herman Miller has one unique feature that you won’t find on any cheaper alternative: you can adjust the backrest shape to your spine natural curves by making it more flat or curved. Customers love this feature as it help to reduce painful pressure from the back and maintain proper posture. There is no cheaper and good-quality chair with such an adjustable backrest! If this feature is important for you, go for the Herman Miller Embody.

If you’d prefer to spend less money on a chair and adjustable neck & lumbar support are something that you need – go for the Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair.  It is a great cheap Herman Miller alternative with awesome back support. Even though this chair costs a few times less than Embody chair, it has plenty adjustments and helps you to keep the proper posture. According to many customers sitting on this chair is a relief for the back and arms!

4. Vertagear S-Line SL4000 Racing Series Gaming Chair Rev. 2 (Best Herman Miller Sayl Alternative)

Vertagear SL4000 is one of the Best Herman Miller Sayl Alternative

What distinguishes Herman Miler Sayl Chair is the modern, innovative design and it’s difficult to find a chair that could compete with this chic and stylish look. However, it’s not that hard to find an ergonomic chair with similar adjustments and functions at much lower price.

Sayl is most comfortable for short and petite users and according to them, it helps with lower back pain. Its sleek back is comfy, supportive and breathable.

As a cheaper alternative for Herman Miller Sayl I can recommend you Vertagear S-Line SL4000 Racing Series Gaming Chair (Rev. 2).

It’s clear that Vertagear chair looks different than Sayl by Herman Miller, however considering the size and functions of both chairs, we can conclude that they are very similar!

According to many customers Vertagear is a Herman Miller of gaming chairs. What distinguishes Vertagear chairs is the quality, modern look and multiple adjustments that make this chair adapt to user, not the other way round.

Vertagear S-Line SL4000 vs Herman Miller Sayl

Vertagear S-Line SL4000 is designed for small people (up to 5’8″) just like the Herman Miller Sayl. It comes with a neck and lumbar support cushions. You can move these pillows up and down to adjust their positions to your spine natural curves. The amount of lumbar support is great and helps to relieve the lower back pain.

SL4000 has 4D adjustable armrests – similar to Sayl – that help to reduce the wrist and shoulder fatigue, as well as reduce the risk of arm injuries.

Check how Herman Miller looks when we compare it to Steelcase. Click here and learn about Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron differences.

Vertagear chair has one feature that may be the reason why people may prefer it over Herman Miller Sayl. It has long backrest and neck pillow so it supports not only the lumbar area, but also the upper back and reduces shoulder and neck tension. Sayl has shorter back therefore it’s not a good option for people who have shoulder and neck pain.

Moreover, Vertagear SL4000 features deeper recline – up to 140 degrees. However it doesn’t have a forward tilt, and it lacks adjustable seat depth, which Sayl Chair offers.

  • Both chairs are designed for shorter people
  • Vertagear SL4000 and Herman Miller Sayl offer more than one color to choose from
  • Good for back pain
  • Vertagear S-Line SL4000 is much cheaper
  • Design of both chairs is different

According to customers this chair from Vertagear is comfortable and the padding has proper depth to provide support without making the user sweat.

Herman Miller Sayl has not only ultra-innovative design, but it also offers many color versions. Vertagear SL4000 offers not a bad color options as well. It comes in 9 different versions which have modern racing car seat design which may look awesome in home or business office.

If you’re a short and skinny person, looking for a chair like Herman Miller but cheaper, Vertagear SL4000 is definitely worth checking.


As you can see, although Herman Miller chairs have awesome features, huge adjustability and stylish look, there are cheaper alternative that may offer you the same (or very similar) functionality and quality! If you want a good-quality chair that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, choose one of the chairs similar to Herman Miller that I recommended above. They are inexpensive, but have a lot to offer as well!

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