What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use? (+ Where to Buy & Alternatives)

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

Do you want to be great in a given field? Then use all the equipment that pros in that field use. Which is to say, if you want to be a great gamer, then use the gaming chair that one of the best gamers uses, I’m talking about Shroud of course.

The global gaming chair market is predicted to rise by 5% between 2019-2023. That is a growth of approximately $66 million. The rise is attributed to the popularity of online gaming and streaming games. That is on top of gaming competitions and e-sports café for gaming purposes. Shroud, an amazing streamer, is a testament to this.

Shroud’s prowess and experience make his habits and choices something to be emulated. To achieve what he has achieved, it is only fair to know the tools he uses such as his gaming chair. In this article, we are going to dive into Shroud’s gaming chair, his career, the chair he uses, other alternative chairs, and why you should buy any of them instead of any other gaming chair.

TL;DR: What chair does Shroud use today

Streaming for hours on end can be quite tedious and exhausting if you are not comfortable. For a streamer such as Shroud, having a great gaming chair is a priority that has to be met with specific features.

Such features may include a breathable backrest, adjustable elements, lumbar support, a great warranty, and proper weight support. All these functions are what the Logitech Herman Miller Embody chair provides.

The Herman Miller Embody chair is built to enhance your health and also improve your focus. It is a high-quality chair ranking high up with top-notch gaming chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron. Shroud switched from his previous chair to the Embody via sponsorship from Logitech.

Logitech partnered up with Herman Miller to make the Logitech Herman Miller Embody. It is an upgraded version of the standard Herman Miller Embody designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber. The chair comes with a more breathable backrest due to the use of a balanced fabric. It also features various color choices that the standard version does not provide.

The Shroud chair is stylish, minimalistic, durable, and ergonomic. The design is great but gamers who want that classic gamer-like look will be disappointed. Most people will consider it an office chair due to its looks. However, its functionalities, features and the fact that it comes from Logitech says otherwise.

Who is Shroud?

Known for his Twitch streams and YouTube channel, Shroud is a professional streamer and gamer from Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. He became famous for his gameplay in the video game ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. He is also known for playing Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov and Valorant.

shroud chair

Born on June 2, 1994, Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud has over 9.1 million followers on Twitch and over 6.78 million subscribers. His streams accumulate an average of 30,000-50,000 viewers every time he plays. That huge number of viewers makes Shroud one of the best gamers in the world.

Shroud is the best of the best in everything he does, no one can beat him at any given game he plays. His amazing charisma and passion for what he does have made him very likable too. His streams not only have amazing gameplay but a little bit of humor and charm from time to time. Simply put, he is a fun and competent gamer.

Shroud rose to fame by playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, after which Manajuma, an e-sports team, started a collaboration with him. He did so well that another e-sports organization called complexity Gaming acquired him as a stand-in. Shroud later moved to Cloud9 in August 2014 where he became a permanent player in their team.

Despite his amazing success in the team, Shroud retired from Cloud9 in 2018. That is after he helped them get 1st place in ESL Pro League 2016 and 2nd place in ESL One Cologne 2017. Since then, Shroud has focused his career on Twitch and YouTube, acquiring over 455 million total views as of March 2021.

With that said, let’s dive into what gaming chair does Shroud uses.

What kind of features and benefits the chair he uses has

First things first, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody is a pricey chair. It defines exactly how a premium chair should look like. That is expected from a big luxurious brand like Herman Miller. This chair is extremely comfortable and ergonomic. However, you can find other chairs on the market that are cheaper and even more comfortable.

Herman Miller has built its reputation on making high-quality, functional, and extremely ergonomic premium chairs. The Embody model is no different with the inclusion of a stylish design, strong build, and the necessary ergonomic elements.

The Embody is said to be so intelligent, that sitting in it helps you think. Besides, the company states that the chair was created from the input of 30 physicians and Ph.D. holders in biomechanics, physical therapy, vision, and ergonomics.

The price of over $1400 is enough to make a lot of people run saying “that is just too excessive and expensive”. However, this chair is different, not only does it have the ‘celebrity used it’ badge but also has a luxurious look. Moreover, the fact that it does not look like the typical gaming chair shows that what most gamers need is comfort and performance instead of a status symbol.

Below are some of the exciting features it embodies:

Stylish but minimalistic design.

The obvious indicator of the uniqueness of this gaming chair is its non-gamey aesthetics. It does not come with the more popular throne-style, faux-racing chair aesthetics. Harmon Miller believes that a good ergonomic chair does not require a headrest, so they opted out of putting one in this model.

There is a Logitech logo on the upper section of the backrest and another small Logitech G brand toggle that is placed on the rear. As far as marketing goes, the collaboration between Logitech and Harman Miller seems to be a marketing strategy rather than an indication of any great upgrades.

The Logitech Herman Miller Embody comes in a unique black and blue color variant with the inclusion of another plain black color. It comes in at a total height of 1067-113 mm and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

It has a body-hugging slender backrest made out of a light memory foam material that is upholstered in black breathable fabric.

The fabric used is called Sync Fabric, it is said to be 100% polyester and is more durable than regular fabric materials. You will discover that the seat is constructed from the same fabric as the back upholstering foam cushion inside. The black version has a black base and legs made from a combination of plastic and metal.

The outstanding feature in the Embody that describes its name is the pixelated support. Embody’s pixelated support uses a dynamic combination of pixels to automatically conform to your body. The embody factor of this automatic conforming feature helps the seat align with your body’s movements.

Your motion, however small, will be counteracted with the movement of the pixelated design to help the chair ‘hug’ your body better. The design helps in weight distribution too and reduces pressure on your muscles. All of these functions translate to healthy circulation, comfort for long hours, and immense focus on your game.

A generous warranty and ease of assembly

Don’t like buying chairs that need assembling? Don’t worry the Herman Miller Embody has got you covered. The chair comes in a humongous box that may be quite intimidating to someone worried about assemblies.

Inside the massive box is an already assembled Embody chair wrapped in cardboards. The decision to go with an already assembled chair is a nice addition. That is because most people tend to hate assembling stuff due to the tedious nature of the job or the fact that they do not know how to do it.

You don’t have to worry about messing up or spending hours trying to figure out where a certain screw goes. The fact that you can buy this chair and immediately start using it without having to assembly it will be one of the number one selling points of this chair.

Also, Herman Miller decided to include an awesome 12-year warranty. The warranty is more attractive than the 3-4 years given by most gaming chair warranties. It showcases the confidence they have in the durability and lifespan of this chair.

Adjustments and ergonomics

From the images, you can already tell that some gaming features are missing from this chair. Some of the features may include the lack of a headrest, footrest, and most importantly, a reclining feature.

The lack of a full recline mode is one of the downsides of having this chair since it has a locked reclining mode. What this means is that the Logitech Embody only reclines when you lean back on the backrest. It however goes back to the upright posture when you sit upright using a spring mechanism.

The included adjustments are just one button, knob, or tab away starting with the seat height adjustments. The Embody chair’s height can be adjusted via a joystick-like trigger on a unique knob mounted under the right side of the comfy seat.

The blue joystick trigger can be pulled to adjust the height. Twisting the knob will help you change the tension on the chair when reclining. Additionally, two handle switches can let you adjust the seat depth and also let you slide backward or forwards.

There is a button on the underside of the armrests that can help you adjust the height of the armrests. The armrests’ width is not changed by a button or knob but by just spreading them outward or inward.

The backrest is adjustable to help you align your spine’s curve to create a neutral and more ergonomic posture. It can move up and down or be made wider or narrower depending on the size of the person and posture. The backrest is also designed to adjust to your movements as you shift in the chair, this helps keep constant body support at any given moment.

You can adjust the lumbar support using a knob on the backside of the seat on the right-hand side. You can turn the knob clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the back from a curved design to a flat back.  

A seat with layers of intelligence

As mentioned earlier, the Logitech version of the Harman Miller Embody only has two minor upgrades that differentiate it from the standard one. Apart from a variant of color choices, the other upgrade to the chair is the seat being marketed as ‘a seat full of layers of intelligence’.

No, the chair has no Artificial Intelligence or anything that has to do with complex intelligent systems. The term ‘layers of intelligence’ is meant to define the way the materials used on the seat orient themselves to fit your shape and movement.

Despite not being a mesh seat, it has an allowance for airflow through the materials, making sure you are always fresh and cool as you sit. The cooling foam on the seat will help you sweat less during your intense gaming competitions.

With that said, it is important to note that most users who have tested the standard version too haven’t seen much difference in the seat’s comfortability.

Pros & Cons shroud’s chair

Pros Cons 
  • A comfortable seat that can be used for 8-10 hours nonstop.
  • Strong, high-quality, and reliable design.
  • It has enough adjustments and the needed supports.
  • A 12-year warranty.
  • It is preassembled.
  • It is expensive than other similarly comfortable and ergonomic chairs.
  • The lack of a headrest, footrest and fully reclining feature is disappointing.

Where you can buy his chair

The Logitech Herman Miller Embody can be bought on the Herman Miller official website, Pcmag, pcgamer, and even Amazon. The chair seems to sell quickly as most online retail stores such as Amazon tend to be stocked out fairly quickly.

It goes for approximately $1400 – $1500 in all stores which makes this one of the most expensive chairs out there. This brings me to the biggest concern, should you buy the Logitech Herman Miller Embody chair?

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Should You Buy Shroud’s Chair?

Shroud’s chair does come with a unique backrest, durable and comfortable seats, a luxurious design, and that Logitech brand name. However, considering all these features, the chair seems quite expensive for what it provides.

The inclusion of a 12-year warranty is awesome but since most people won’t use their chair that long, it becomes a non-factor in purchasing the chair. Nevertheless, other gaming chairs come with adjustable lumbar support, a footrest, a backrest, and even a vibrator massager for less than a quarter of the price.

If you don’t mind the price and you are looking for a very durable, comfortable, and luxurious gaming chair then this will suit you. For everybody else, your money will bring you more value with the alternatives mentioned below.

Shroud’s Previous Gaming Chair

Shroud used the Herman Miller Aeron chair before partnering up with Logitech X Herman Miller. The chair was from a sponsorship from Herman Miller that made him one of their brand ambassadors. The Aeron chair was also a successor to his oldest known chair, the Maxnomic 9 Pro made by NeedforSeat under the Cloud9 branding.

The Herman Miller Aeron

Like every Herman Miller chair, The Aeron is well built, with iconic ergonomics and generous adjustable options. This chair was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in 1992 making it one of the most famous and beloved chairs.

The Aeron chair is so awesome that it has won itself a place in the Museum of Modern Art. Moreover, the Aeron was proclaimed as the best-selling chair in America in 2010, talk about impressive.

It comes in mineral hue or graphite. These colors will be suitable for you depending on the aesthetics of your gaming setup. Lighter and brighter rooms will suit the shiny mineral hue, unlike the graphite which is pure black and fits a dark room.

Unlike the Embody, the Aeron does have a full recline that is flawlessly integrated to make it smooth and gentle while you sit. The various recline angles are for an upright posture, mid-recline, and full recline.

The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, 50 pounds more than Shroud’s Embody.  On top of that, it weighs just 39 pounds and is made out of recycled material like most modern chairs these days.

The armrests and seat height are adjustable as the Embody except for a tilt forward feature on the Embody. The Aeron is also coming in a massive box with the chair already assembled inside.

As you can see, there is almost nothing special that differentiates the Aeron from the Embody apart from the full recline, tilt forward feature, and a non-adjustable backrest.

Maxnomic 9 Pro by NeedforSeat

This chair has a top weight capacity of just 330 pounds and a body size limit of 5’5” to 6’1”. It has that racing chair design and the much-needed pillows for resting your head. Unlike the Harman Miller chairs, this gaming chair does not hug your body to fit every posture.

The headrest, which is not adjustable, has a head pillow with an anti-slip coating to help you relax your head more comfortably. That leads us to the backrest which is adjustable and can tilt up to 67 degrees. The armrests are 4D adjustable and padded with a unique copyright-protected finger rest.

Sitting on this chair for hours feels like a breeze due to the extra thick bolsters on the seat. This is complemented with a sturdy strong steel frame that is supported by elastic straps. The rolling casters are just nylon standard wheels and so is the high-quality leather that covers the chair.

Alternatives to Shroud’s Chair

1. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Duramont ergonomic office chair

The Duramont ergonomic office chair’s functionality shows that you do not need an expensive chair to be comfortable. Its ergonomics are well applied providing it with all its customers’ necessary features. Moreover, when you compare it to higher-priced chairs such as the Herman Miller Embody, the Duramont ergonomic office chair stands out as a well-priced versatile addition to your office setup.

It features a tall breathable mesh backrest that has an included headrest. The headrest and backrest can be adjusted to fit your height and posture via a knob and handle switch. As much as the build of this chair is average, it will last you for at least 5 years before any serious structural issues arise.

Duramont also included lumbar support that is adjustable to fit different postures. The maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds is similar to the Aeron and Embody making the Duramont a worthy competitor if not a champion.

The downside of the Duramont ergonomic chair, apart from its average quality, is the armrests that can’t be adjusted width-wise or angular-wise. The chair is available for a lower price than any of the chairs mentioned prior at an estimated price of just $300.

Needless to say, we will recommend this chair to a lot of gamers as it is the best value office/gaming chair ever made.

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2. Ohaho Gaming Racing Style Office Chair

Here is a chair that most gamers will buy, not because of the quality but because of price and function. This is the most customer-reviewed chair you are going to find out there. It does not scream high-quality due to its cheap build and less seamless feature integration.

For adjustments, the Ohaho chair comes with its backrest that can be adjusted between 90-180 degrees. The armrest can be adjusted vertically and the 360-degree swivel at the base helps you rotate your orientation. It also has lumbar cushions.

The chair has a removable headrest pillow and the premium PU leather used here is comfortable. The chair is built to be adjustable on every part to offer extra comfort; the backrest can be reclined and tilted with controls to regulate the backpressure. The included footrest is amazing with its firm to feel that will make napping a regular healthy habit.

The company offers a money-back guarantee policy for 30 days which means that you can return the chair within this period for whatever reason. They also offer free spare parts to replace broken ones within the first 12 months of its purchase.

All of these freebies may seem attractive till you notice that the chair does not come with a warranty. A chair without a warranty may scare a lot of people. However, a lot of users have had the chair for over three years and only a few have experienced any minor faults.

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Shroud’s chair not only stands out as one of the best gaming chairs but also one of the best chairs, period. The price is where most people will walk away from getting this chair. That is not an indication of an overpriced chair, but an indication of a chair that offers more than what the users want.

If Shroud’s Herman Miller Embody chair doesn’t fancy you, then you can feel confident in getting any of the alternatives. You cannot go wrong with any of them since they are all ergonomic, can be used for 8-10 hours consistently without getting fatigued, and also feature sturdy reliable construction.

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